How VR, AR, and the Blockchain can transform consciousness.

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You’ve just gotten your first AR goggles, you’d been looking forward to this for weeks. To get familiar with the capabilities, you decide to go for a walk around town. Along the way, you think you pass something, something big, doubling back.

And there, right in front of you, in an unassuming vista, a monument, no, a temple? Grand would be understating it, this place was…moving? It unfurls itself to you. You walk up through its gates, noticing a strange sound as you traverse what had until now been a grassy hill.

Inside, you find statues, self-transforming glyphs, and a…

A User’s Manual for the newly initiated.

Have you felt it? The encroaching of the inflection?

Such is the crescendo of urgency; as the hum swallows the noise.

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If you seek to resound change unto the world, it may be important to ask yourself what type of change-maker you are most suited to becoming.

Ergo, let’s go over some parameters that will help the novice change-maker decide their path, and the veteran do some reflection on theirs.


Every strategy of change-making essentially dances with one question: How one relates to power, and the powerful. To understand how to approach change-making, let’s first explore the range of answers:

How activists can write a new story for social change.

We have been chosen. Chosen by time itself to live in the age of the sovereign, the free, those who extricate their world from systems that cannot self-justify their reason for standing.

From the dawn of inegalitarian society there have been revolutionary efforts to realize our truest ideals for freedom; each forming a common heritage more specific than our humanity: a lineage that we now find ourselves in.

Those of this lineage were like us, chosen by time to fulfill their great mission, as we have been, to fulfill this prophecy.

The Interruption

Reality has receded, let it go and try to…

We must take charge of our survival.

Update: This article/tactical briefing was written prior to the commencement of Global Quarantine for COVID-19. While the activist tactics here might yet be relevant for other such mobilizations, for a quarantine-friendly tactical briefing refer to our Mystic’s Guide. (This article is cool too…maybe).

The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) is yet another wave in the existential threats adding to the centrifugal crises facing Humanity.

In such moments of exponential change, leaving the course of redress exclusively to those in power almost always results in policies heavily skewed in bias of elite interests, leaving in their wake many of the most vulnerable.

Why Intelligence Agencies are raising alarm about activists.

Here we stand, at the shore of anticipation.

In this moment of unknowing, we look toward that ocean as though it were singularity itself — the initiation into a future unpredictable.

What we face is a confluence of crisis, those forces centrifugal that will dissolve every illusion and accept only what survives with us.

Or doesn’t.

Illustration by Akime — from Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World

The Urgency

The Global Resource Observatory (GRO) — a project funded by the U.K. government — recently published a striking study that concluded through its scientific modelling that based on current linear trends global industrial civilization may collapse by the mid-2030s to 2040; they report:


It’s time for students to initiate a Global Climate Mobilization.

To the Un-afraid,

A new language of tactics is emerging, calling on us to reclaim our time for our own survival. IT’S TIME WE DECIDE.

“…a protest does not need to target authorities to be effective, it need only be recognized as protest at the right time.”

Micah White, PhD, The End of Protest

In the wake of abrupt climate-change, no longer can we allow our prescribed routines to be continued by those who prescribe them to us by force.

Rejoice however! The material strength of the status-quo is irrelevant in the realm of consciousness; moneyed interests may have…

A Culture Jammer’s plea for fellowship.

Attention! Here lies the key.

Attention! Is this not the true currency of the world?

The true source of the inertia that continues the world as it has been by those who have continued it by force? The force that animates the illusions?

Strong enough that only in those brief willing moments throughout history has the storm of revolution been allowed to shift it in a new direction.

If such it is the force behind the Maya, at no time like today has it embodied this function in the material world so pronounced, as advertising.

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The Bubbles of BIG TECH

Concentrating wealth at historic levels…

How an ancient Occult practice can avert an existential threat.

There’s a secret among us. Humanity is about to give birth to a god.

Some see the past rush by as we head toward this destination, excited by the speed; others think they’ve made out a cliff up ahead.

That’s at least some of the postulation about the creation of Artificial General Intelligence. In the best-case scenario, they assert, we create a super-intelligence that pays as much attention to us as we might an insect; only bringing its focus upon Humanity if our paths were to ever seam.

The collective feeling about all of this, however, is palpable and the…

Why we need to observe the Observer.

What’s out there? That’s the question behind the mystery. Behind every mention of aliens, ghosts, and ‘the simulation’, is the intrigue of unknowing.

The feeling, that what if, there was something more just lurking behind the facade. What if you could find it — the portal to the mystery?

This is the engine of exploration; the quest into the question, ad infinitum.

In the Yogic tradition, the answer to seeking infinity is to look inward, in the immaterial; beyond the boundaries innate in the physical. …

How design, linguistics, and mushrooms can show the way forward.

Have you been convinced? Is democracy a technical affair best left to those with the precise skills to legislate?

Or could it be like nature — an act of creation.

In the coming years, emerging technologies and global challenges will require us to answer one species-defining question after another, maybe even all at once.

From climate change creating hundreds of millions of environmental refugees, to bio-hacking and gene-editing, to artificial intelligence, we will soon be called upon to find a way to govern ourselves collectively; on a global scale, and at a speed that can only be engendered by an…

Project ALTER

Project ALTER is a mobilization-design-collective that realizes methods for democratic transformation to actuate an alternative sustainable social order.

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