How a Chinese lifestyle protest reveals the most significant social trend of the pandemic.

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1) Lying Flat

Recently, a novel protest tactic flamed alive in China: the “Tangping” or “Lying-Flat” movement.

How VR, AR, and the Blockchain can transform consciousness.

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A User’s Manual for the newly initiated.

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Every strategy of change-making essentially dances with one question: How one relates to power, and the powerful. To understand how to approach change-making, let’s first explore the range of answers:

How activists can write a new story for social change.

The Interruption

We must take charge of our survival.

Why Intelligence Agencies are raising alarm about activists.

Illustration by Akime — from Everyday Scenes from a Parallel World

The Urgency

The Global Resource Observatory (GRO) — a project funded by the U.K. government — recently published a striking study that concluded through its scientific modelling that based on current linear trends global industrial civilization may collapse by the mid-2030s to 2040; they report:

It’s time for students to initiate a Global Climate Mobilization.

A Culture Jammer’s plea for fellowship.

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The Bubbles of BIG TECH

Concentrating wealth at historic levels…

How an ancient Occult practice can avert an existential threat.

Why we need to observe the Observer.

Project ALTER

Project ALTER is a mobilization-design-collective that realizes methods for democratic transformation to actuate an alternative sustainable social order.

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