The Mystic’s Guide to COVID-19

We have been chosen. Chosen by time itself to live in the age of the sovereign, the free, those who extricate their world from systems that cannot self-justify their reason for standing.

From the dawn of inegalitarian society there have been revolutionary efforts to realize our truest ideals for freedom; each forming a common heritage more specific than our humanity: a lineage that we now find ourselves in.

Those of this lineage were like us, chosen by time to fulfill their great mission, as we have been, to fulfill this prophecy.

The Interruption

Reality has receded, let it go and try to see the new one — Chiara Ricciardone

Reality is suspended.

The mythos that has animated the last 300 years of the Status-Quo has been upended. For a time.

In this space of interruption, a new shape is once again allowed to emerge. The same shape that has always emerged in times of transformation to unleash the creative spirit of Humanity.

While all material momentum — from politics to scientific research — has ceased, what is Humanity to direct its attention to instead?

2020 Vision

It’s time to write a new story — literally. Look to the ancient prophecies, for there is truth in them.

We are the ones to bring the tidings of a future all people have lived — from our progenitors to progeny alike — through the universal yearning in our hearts; to behold all things anew.

Already, new social norms are emerging across the globe in greeting of a new age forthcoming. From abrupt-climate-change to space travel to automation, we will soon all be called upon to reshape our being in favour of survival, and realization.

The Earth rings.

So, let’s have a little fun shall we?

The Invocation

Alright, you vagabonds, time to have a sober look at the situation:

  • Wave 1 of the pandemic — as we are experiencing now — will and is exhausting all national and international resources;
  • There will be an effort by the Status-Quo to re-assert itself through its mythos after the initial waves of the pandemic;
  • We are already beginning to bear witness to the growing desperate pleas of the most privileged among us for the rest to resume our functions of indentured servitude POST-HASTE!
  • There is a likelihood of possible traumatic ramifications to our collective psyches as a result of global quarantine that Humanity must prepare to weather.

The initial waves of the pandemic will leave the Status-Quo in a state of reversal and depletion; but the privileged understand — perhaps even better than the rest of us — that in order to avoid turning that reversal into a real threat, they must fulfill their function—to keep us fed.

This, dear writer of prophecy, is the leverage. Nature herself lays bare the song of liberation for us to resonate with its harmony. It’s time for a Global Strike.


Our mission: To REFUSE to allow the Status-Quo to re-assert itself after the initial waves of the pandemic.

We will call upon the prophetic story-line of UNIVERSAL REALIZATION as a frame from which the new reality emerges.

We will utilize the specific context of the pandemic and environmental regeneration to disseminate new social norms based on inclusive actions to initiate an entire generation into an order of emancipators.

The mission, in it’s simplest form, is a an artistic prompt: create a story about the next decade that that will shape a new age.

The story must have these elements:

  • A Global Strike that emerges in the second half of 2020, coinciding with wave 2 of the pandemic when the status-quo is flexible and ripe for transformation.
  • A courageous demand for a Universal Basic Dividend, funded through a Public-Fund that entitles to itself ALL profits from publicly-subsidized corporations; thus empowering Humanity to solve global challenges.
  • A revolutionary movement emerging by 2022 in the form of a global mobilization that plants a trillion trees to begin averting abrupt-climate-change.
  • The crafting of a Universal Constitution in 2025 that mundializes the world toward universal direct-democracy on Earth and in space.
  • A view of the current shift in social norms as the way by which Humanity realizes its greatest ideals of ideals for a reorientation toward the stars.
Art by Abhishek Singh.

Represent this prophecy by whatever artistic means you deem worthy; reform the painting above to create the world of the prophecy visually — the seed that realizes itself as revelation.

Make it as immersive as possible. Coordinate with other artists in our Order and in your own networks. And most of all, let it spread like contagion. Let it become the true vector for transformation during this time of virus.

What is the best social-change we could engender?

Art by Mukesh Singh.

In the recesses of myth there is a land of prophecy. A secret land.

A land of warrior mystics, with armies who’ve prepared themselves millennia over for exactly this era of transformation; when they shall emerge as vanquishers of illusions, of the unreality.

Thus, we must invoke these warriors from Shambhalla in the mystic cause they have gifted us. Such is our mission: to find the story.

We have come! We have come! We have come!

Look around you;

Are we not the ones next door?

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Project ALTER is a mobilization-design-collective that realizes methods for democratic transformation to actuate an alternative sustainable social order.

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Project ALTER

Project ALTER

Project ALTER is a mobilization-design-collective that realizes methods for democratic transformation to actuate an alternative sustainable social order.