Yes, Your Classes are Meaningless.

To the Un-afraid,

A new language of tactics is emerging, calling on us to reclaim our time for our own survival. IT’S TIME WE DECIDE.

“…a protest does not need to target authorities to be effective, it need only be recognized as protest at the right time.”

Micah White, PhD, The End of Protest

In the wake of abrupt climate-change, no longer can we allow our prescribed routines to be continued by those who prescribe them to us by force.

Rejoice however! The material strength of the status-quo is irrelevant in the realm of consciousness; moneyed interests may have dominance in the material world, but it is also their biggest vulnerability if we approach our ideals asymmetrically.

They may define themselves by advertising through holding attention, but we will free it for all; they are weak in the world of the subjective. We will offer the People a way to actualize their interests and declare their General Will universally, exercising direct legislative power.

We will employ Semasiography — a form of language that communicates not speech or ideology but meaning — to create a literal Language of Democracy.

A language of glyphs; each one representing inclusive actions to organize around, calling into being the demos itself, mobilizing the People to win sovereignty by offering a direct experience of it.

Activists around the world will create new mobilizations and deploy them spontaneously; galvanizing actions to solve abrupt climate change wherever our glyphs appear as a signal of mobilization.


When the glacier falls, the symbol of our mobilization will appear as revelation for those newest torch-bearers in a lineage of emancipation that goes back millenia.

For 28 days, students everywhere will use these symbols as a signal to EXIT the obligations of time mandated to them by the status-QUO; we will instead use our time to actualize those actions that can ensure our survival by solving abrupt-climate-change.


We will create a caravan of youth that crosses sovereign borders to demand the legislative power to declare a GLOBAL CLIMATE MOBILIZATION in every city by demonstrating a “power-in-outcome” over our elites.

Each day, for 28 days, more students will EXIT-QUO and join us as we de-routinize reality by planting a Trillion Trees, Seed-Bombing every street, and prohibiting emission activity for one day every week.

We will capture legislative control of our cities to create a public-trust that guarantees to us all profits from any publicly-subsidized fossil-fuel companies in order to fund our mobilization through a UNIVERSAL CLIMATE DIVIDEND.

For the stakes of our survival — Its Time WE Decide how to spend ours.

This method shall spread as contagion, a vector of awakening and revolutionary potential, cultivating techniques of self-governance with every new glyph created in assembly.

In virtual spaces, we will realize our Unified Assembly using virtual-reality technology. With our language, we will synthesize our interests into the People’s General Will as instruction to all legislators to pledge legislative power to our movement in declaration of our Global Climate Mobilization.

In 2025, we will mobilize a Global People’s Convention that builds from city to city actualizing a Universal Constitution of the People: a platform for a global movement-party that captures every legislature through sortition.

We will not accept as legitimate any election that does not give the People direct sovereignty to build a sustainable world.

We will notarize our constitution as superseding any national authority in service of Universal Sovereignty, for direct-democracy on Earth and in space.

The time to blossom a new imagination is calling. Ours must be a radical spirit of mutual-aid that activates all people as citizens galvanized for that which is needed.

Look unto yourself to claim this task of revolution, to turn your sight inward and liberate the world anew.

for the Unified Assembly,

Project ALTER



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Project ALTER

Project ALTER

Project ALTER is a mobilization-design-collective that realizes methods for democratic transformation to actuate an alternative sustainable social order.